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 Keeping Your Bird Entertained

Provide Activity and Stimulation
... safely!

Providing your bird with toys is essential ... toys aren't a luxury, they are a necessity.  Bird toys are vital tools in keeping your bird healthy and happy because they provide mental stimulation and physical exercise.  They also help to satisfy a parrot's natural instinct to chew.

Here are some ways to introduce new toys to your bird:

  • If you bird is fearful of new toys it is best to introduce them slowly.  To begin, just show the toy to your bird.  Show him that you like it ... play with it in front of him.  You might have to do this over several days.  When he begins to relax but may still not trust the toy hang it on the outside of his cage down low.  Leave it there for awhile ... even a few days.  Once the toy doesn't seem to bother him or he is curious about it, move it inside his cage.
  • Give your bird a variety of toys ... different designs, textures and colors.  Always keep safety in mind and choose toys appropriate for the size and personality of your bird.
  • Monitor toys and remove unsafe parts ... especially anything that can entangle your bird.
  • Rotate your bird's toys so he doesn't get bored having the same ones all the time.  If you have multiple birds rotate the toys among them being sure to keep safety in mind.  Remove broken or shredded pieces and discard worn out toys.
  • Some items in your household are good play objects for pet birds, such as:  paper towel cardboard rolls, junk mail, pieces of cardboard, a new toothbrush, measuring cups and spoons, a clean sock tied into a knot, etc.

Allowing your bird out of its cage is great way to provide stimulation and needed execise and allow you have have much needed personal interaction with a tame bird.  Letting your bird roam freely in your home poses risk to them and your furnishings.  Providing a structured environment is recommended:

  • Some bird cages have play tops allowing a bird to sit on top of his cage rather than in it.  The best cage playtops have toy hooks and food bowls.  One cage manufacturer provides dometop cages (which allow the most light in a cage) with an optional playtop ... ideal flexibility. 
  • Bird playstands and parrot playgyms ideally meet the need for out-of-cage time.  The best of these play areas roll on casters or are otherwise portal so you can take your bird to other areas of your home. Bird playstands come in several styles including those made of wood (most commonly sandblasted manzanita), the new Java wood playstands (which will be available on this website in the near future) and also those made of powder-coated wrought iron.  The innovative Get-A-Grip will put the "jungle" back in your bird with its unique climbing grid design.
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