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Quality Pet Bird Supplies ...
Aviaries - Cages - Cage Covers
Playstands & Playgyms - Toys - Perches
Travel Carriers - Food First Aid & Health Care - Cleaners & Disinfectants 
Full-Spectrum Lighting  - AND SO MUCH MORE!
for the smallest finches ... to the largest macaws

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Welcome!  We invite you to browse around and discover tons of pet bird supplies and accessories with more being added every day!  Our mission is to be a 1-stop, full service shopping experience by offering everything your pet needs, including a huge selection of the best products available ...

  • aviaries ... beautiful, functional walk-in indoor or outdoor styles your birds will love! Free Shipping on most, too!
  • bird cages in every style and size imaginable ... powder-coated wrought iron and stainless steel
  • playstands / parrot playgyms ... you won't believe how cool they are!
  • travel carriers in many styles - acrylic, aluminum, wrought iron, soft-sided, backpacks, crates and more
  • bird toys / playthings ... we continually add the best and most creative and appealing to birds
  • cage covers of outstanding quality that will give your bird that important perfect night's rest
  • bird food of every kind ... the list continually grows
  • bird perches ... natural wood, pedicure, rope, shower, heated, portable, and even cushy ones!
  • first aid / health care products so every bird can enjoy a quality life
  • cleaners / disinfectants essential for good health management
  • full spectrum lighting so your birds have the advantage of natural light ... essential for good health  
  • and so many more bird supplies ... discover all the ways you can improve your birds lifestyle! 

We exist to help you make safe choices and prudent spending decisions when purchasing your bird supplies, cages and accessories.  If you find your time with us worthwhile I hope you'll click the green button in the left column ... to share our estore with your friends. Bookmark us, too so you can visit again to see new products as they are continually added.

Take a few minutes to check out our Basic Bird Care page and learn more About Bird Cages by clicking those buttons on the Main Menu. 

Bird Supplies and Bird Cage Shopping ... With a Personal Touch!

No more need to run yourself ragged shopping for the best bird supplies and cages at the lowest price. If you don't have any exotic bird stores near you or your find the prices too high, then shopping online is the perfect solution.  We provide an ideal alternative with a safe and secure shopping experience, fast delivery and exceptional customer service. 

Navigating through the Bird Cage Portal is easy.The Main Menu lists the categories of products:  cages and supplies as well as general information about choosing or caring for a cage, important bird care information, avian resources, etc. Dig deeper and reach sub-categories through the Main Menu. Last but not least, over on the left there are links to our blogs ... Pet Bird Buzz BLOG! shares my personal experience of living with pet birds ... the new Bird Cage Portal BLOG highlights specific products ... and David's Pet Bird News! will keep you up to date on what's new at Bird Cage Portal and beyond.

When I shop for bird supplies I have lots of questions and I bet you do, too.  So ask away ... just click on the Live Support Button on each webpage or call (760) 723-8667.  For further contact options check out our Customer Service page.

Here is a quick overview of some of the advantages you'll discover when shopping at The Bird Cage Portal ...


. . .  you'll discover many advantages, here are some:

  • Quality Bird Care ... see Bird Care Basics information and resources on Main Menu
  • Bird Rescue ... why you should care -- and how you can help ... and even adopt your next feathered kid 
  • Safe and Secure Shopping ... see Customer Service on Main Menu
  • Big selection ... quality bird cages, play stands and play gyms, accessories and supplies that are safe and perfectly suited for your bird
  • Lowest pricing available ... save money on quality products
  • Free Shipping in the continental U.S. for some products 
  • No Sales tax (only required for products purchased with CA addresses)
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Live Support ... just click the Live Support Button on any page  
  • Exceptional Customer Service provided by experienced bird people to answer all your questions
  • Ask An Avian Vet ... submit your general bird care questions and a Board Certified Avian will reply - see Main Menu 


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